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Food Trip | Saboten of Glorietta 5

FOOD TRIP | Saboten of Glorietta 5
Raintree Restaurants of Makati

I'm no fan of Tonkatsu, perhaps because there is only a few Japanese restaurants around, and not many would specialize in serving Tonkatsu. Perhaps, it was due to a bad memory I have in ordering Tonkatsu from a Japanese Fast Food restaurant. I don't really like eating heaps of breading on fried dishes so I was a little apprehensive before stepping inside Saboten of Glorietta. On any regular day, I wouldn't consider having Tonkatsu for dinner; I guess I needed to be re-educated and Saboten is my rescue.

Warning: Lot's tempting Food Photos ahead.
Please proceed with empty stomach.

About Saboten

It all started in the neighborhood of Shinjuku, Tokyo, where Saboten opened its very first shop back in 1966. It's name which is "cactus" in Japanese, was chosen to represent the founder's vission - to build a shop that will thrive with vitality even in the harshest conditions. Now, Saboten has flourished into one of teh largest Tonkatsu chains with over 500 shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, China and now, the Philippines.

Chicken Salad Bang, Karaage and the drinks we ordered

My Thoughts

We were greeted by the staff "welcome" in Japanese, pardon my ignorance but I know next to nothing with Japanese words. Skipping that, we took stock of the impressive Saboten interior which is very architectural. There are panels with oriental patterns and prints, the ambient light is warm and most of the tables are enclosed in wood pillars perfectly lined or wood dividers that would ensure privacy to a group while making sure that the staff can still oversee every guest. Saboten is Raintree's only franchised restaurant, staying true to the brand, Saboten would only serve Authentic Cuisine and especially Tonkatsu, to ensure that, some of the ingredients and sauce's are mixed and exported directly from Japan.

Tuna Katsu Set - Perfectly fried. I have no idea how they kept that fresh color of Tuna in its flesh.

Mille Fuille Combo Set - I ran off with the shrimp on my mouth. Gotta love them.

The Verdict?

This is where I have to admit, I can't distinguish the loin sets as they all taste really good and look very similar. There are just too many to choose from that I  was overwhelemed; I just continued to stuff myself with these delightful dishes. Please pardon the unamed menu's. I hope I can make up to it. Saboten's website is at the end of this post; thankfully all the menus are available in their website along with their prices, now that just saved me. My re introduction to Tonkatsu is incredible; I guess there is nothing better than the Authentic Japanese Tonkatsu when you want to have them. The breading’s are golden and crispy while the meat inside were tender. The Tuna Katsu Set was especially appetizing, as you can see red meat of Tuna. The Loin sets are a taker too, I wouldn't mind munching on them any time of the day. Saboten is really good with the Tonkatsu's. This place is perfect for group of friends who would prefer intimate conversations, as you can enjoy privacy while knowing that the staff can always see and attend to your needs. The staff is especially courteous and accommodating; they make sure that every guest stepping in are welcomed and attended to right away.

In order from my most favorite among the desserts.
T-L: Sesame Sansrival Cake, T-R: Matcha Lychee Almond Cake, B-L: Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cake, B-R: Strawberry Shortcake

A candid meeting with the Saboten's Chef.

The bloggers for Makati Restaurant Tour day 2

On The Map

Location: G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Ave, Makati City
Phone Number: (02) 625 0909

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  1. This is a place I would love to visit! Gusto ko itry yung Japanese dishes nila :)))

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