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Photography | Mt Timbak, Benguet

PHOTOGRAPHY | Mt Timbak, Benguet
Outdoor Portraits

The edge of glory.

I've seen a lot of outdoor portraits to last a lifetime, but if it doesn't give me the feeling of awe and wonder then I think it's not much. There are a lot of commercial portraiture's published daily, those heavily saturated photos with surreal looks, of models wearing sundresses in the outdoor, they are really good in their own sense, but if it not as daring a defying gravity with levitation, jump shots, or of models being shot underwater then they are just as good but without eliciting awe. 

From here on, due to lack of better ideas and a huge collection of outdoor portraits of myself and my travel buddies I am publishing these outdoor portraits. This is a collection of photos mostly taken during nature treks, fun photos and jump shots requested by my travel buddies for their social media profiles. I've got a lot of these published in my own personal facebook page, a lot of effort has been given these photos but for the sake of fun I make them.

My Oblation.

A lookout from the sky.

These next set are jump shot pictures taken at the summit of Mt Timbak after a beautiful sunrise. The sun with lens flare behind every subject, even with pop flash, we are almost a silhouette levitating in the clear blue sky.

Explode with the sunrise.

Sir Gilbert is levitating.

Touch the sky with Tessa.

Grace is our Superhero

The compulsory portrait, with the landscape of the Cordillera's behind me.

I wouldn't miss this one chance, jump shot along the road, in the highest highway in the Philippines, of course with Mt Timbak in my background.

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