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Batangas | Sunset Viewing In Mt Naguiling

BATANGAS | Sunset Viewing In Mt Naguiling
Photography Feature Post

The best sunset Photo I took from the campsite of Mt Naguiling.
Mt Naguiling is the highest peak in the Lobo-San Juan Mountain of Batangas at 1,007 MASL. One of the places I’ve hiked and camped to earlier this year 2016. 

The prominent peak of Mt Maculot rising from the fog.

Mt Banahaw and Mt Cristobal as seen from the campsite.

The closing veil of the setting sun. Since Mt Naguling is the highest peak in this mountain range, the sun had set behind the landscape long before the actual darkness fell and everything became illuminated by the full moon.

Inspired by the Landscape

An unforgettable experience mainly because I was hiking with friends from Sykes Outdoor and the Chasing Adventures Club, these two are the corporate outdoor clubs from the companies that I have worked with, these two clubs have intermingled activities from time to time, aside from that the location yielded one of the most beautiful mountain landscape I have seen that is near Metro Manila. I intended to share for this blog post the beautiful sunset I had seen last February 2016 in Mt Naguiling.

The plan was to reach the campsite before sunset, so we had time despite the long drive from Metro Manila to Lobo Batangas. It had been pleasant all throughout even though it had been humidly hot. The sun was already dipping westward went we set off for the hike, the trail passes through rice paddies and private properties, some coconut, taro and banana fields, we were most of the time reminded that this part is still the farmlands and the locals domain, but at some point the farming landscape gave way to wild bushes, mountain paths and horse trails. It took us over two hours before we reached the campsite; I had struggled along the trail because it was still hot in the late afternoon, I felt like passing out from the humid heat, thankfully we weren’t in the hurry so I had time to recover. 

Once we had reached the campsite, it took us half an hour before we decided to pitch our tents for the night; the landscape view was too good to pass through without noticing. The place is surreal and romantic on a late afternoon. So before the sun finally sets in I decided to hasten pitching my tent before looking for the best spot to photograph the Sunset. These photos were the result of perfect timing and best location for a romantic Sunset view, tonight is the Valentine's Day, I’ll be sleeping alone in my tent but the memory of this moment when I sat down and just watch over the Sunset is something I’ll always remember.

Sir Woody was the first to scout the location where we enjoyed the best Sunset views in the campsite. I took the shot without him knowing.

Within the horizon is the coastline of Lobo and San Juan Batangas.

NOTE: Mountain Trek guide to follow for Mt Naguiling (1,007 MASL)

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