Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bohol | Blood Compact

Last Stop for Day 1 Tour

Blood Compact
A Photo Journey

Not much here but a shrine for something that was done hundreds of years ago.

With my travel buddy.
Were trying so hard to have our picture with just us.
Well, people aren't just cooperating that day.

I don't find this a fitting finale for all the stops that I did for this day.
But hell, I'm tired and I'm not about to complain.
After all, I'm in Bohol.

Overlooking from the shrine, is probably Bohol Sea.
I'm not sure, we've been on the road the whole day and my
sense of direction has become foggy.

The statue won't even share me a seat. I'm tired.
I'll just lean over. hahaha!!!

Finally got the chance to take my picture solo.
Just about ready to go back to the Resort.
What a day it had been.

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