Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bohol | Butterfly Conservation Center

2nd stop - Along the way from Chocolate hills is

The Butterfly Conservation Center

There were only a few active butterfly because of the rain.
The light is not that good either, I just enjoyed much of what I can gather.

Here's a mutant butterfly, either a male or female.
I didn't really pay attention because the tour guide made it sound that these are gay butterflies.
As if the reference is funny I should LOL.
What an Idiot.

Preserve butterflies, here's how to determine the male or the female.

Oh yeah! This is the guides idea.
This is a deception. This butterflies all look giants.
They probably think that the guest are all far sighted.

Yeah that's right! It's a walk in the park which practically just a small garden.
This is where they differ Moths (Mariposa) to local butterflies.

This looks nice.
Outside, is probably one of the most photograph place with travelers.
Now Honestly, I've seen many butterfly gardens or whatever they name them.
My Alma Mater CPU has the biggest I've seen so far, and it's in Iloilo.
They do Mass Productions of Butterflies for export,
as you may know, these helpless creatures are used instead of doves in weddings.

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