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Aurora | Trekking Ditumabo Mother Falls

AURORA | Trekking Ditumabo Mother Falls
Aurora's Enchanting Mother Of All Falls

 The mother of all Aurora's Falls. Certainly a well deserved name by just looking at that 140 feet drop. Luckily, I get to take on this trip on a cloudy day. Aurora province is like a lush garden, and trekking the 1.3 km from the Aurora Mini Hydro Plant was like a dream walk in a forested park.

Nestling at the foot of the mountains in the borders of San Luis, Aurora, this mother falls is a sight to behold. The trek took 30 minutes following the huge pipeline, while passing through water springs that's actually fed by the falls itself. The rush of water is cold, which gives you an idea with whats up ahead. This is some of the cleanest nature treks I've done. I didn't find any debris of civilized garbage except piles of rotting leaves that looks at home. Very nice diversity too, animal hoots can be heard overhead, one can just imagine the number of birds that thrives here. At some point, the final hurdle before reaching the falls is to climb a make shift ladder to walk on top of the huge pipeline encased in cement to act as a pathway for trekking. This time, the scene looks familiar, like stepping into the Temple Run with  rocky bottom on the side and a moss filled wall covered with slime and wild banyan vines on the other. By this time, rounding the bend near the end of the trail, you'll be greeted not by the falls but by the concrete damn used to pool the water and to distribute the waters to the spring and the power plant itself.

Sure is, on initial approach. One can feel the change in the atmosphere. The thundering noise is very much audible, with strong gust of winds coming the slit of rocks from where the lofty height of the mother falls starts. It's a cold gust mind you, leaving sprays of water to cover the entire area that photographing the spectacle itself is a challenge. I had to constantly cover and wipe my camera lens before shooting a picture.

Perhaps it was a good thing that bringing food and eating in the surrounding area is not allowed, it remains clean even though there are clear marks of improvements being done.

The drive up here left me battered, although new roads are being established that allows vehicles even a tricycle to pass, it is still unpaved with big pebbles strewn all over the road. A collective sigh of relief was done upon reaching the Mini Hydro Plant, but this is just where the 30 - 45 minute nature trek starts. Upon reaching the threshold of the falls, with all the rock walls hiding it like a cove, it's like all the battering has left me, nature has a peculiar way of inspiring and renewing tired souls.

I wouldn't allow myself to leave without taking a dip of the cold water, it was clear and very much inviting. But coming closer to where the falls is thundering in its enclosure is challenging, very much perhaps, even though I had my underwater camera with me. I didn't get much of a decent shot due to incessant water droplets, body numbing cold water and the ear shattering noise. I've been to a few minor falls, our country has hundreds or perhaps thousands lying in wait for explorers and nature lovers, Ditumabo falls was the 3rd grand falls I laid my eyes on and certainly worth the effort of trekking its spring waters and the battering drive.

Alas! This falls looks enchanted, and seems likened to keeping its own secrets. As I try to get closer to it, I feel it telling me to step back and admire its power from a safe distance. I stayed for a good 30 minutes before leaving due to threats of rain. The vale looks wonderful but alarming under the rain, one can hear the whistles in the air as it pass through, never mind that there are some wild flowers growing in the cliff walls, and orchids thrive on its steep banks. I had to leave, whilst a part of me was taken but I left with the memory of this enchantment.

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  1. Great one! I had been to Aurora but I only went to the falls where it is not as remote as this. great experience Francis :)

  2. i miss this falls... worth it naman talaga ang pag trek... sarap balikan! :)

  3. The falls looks awesome and the waters inviting! Hope to visit this falls when we get to Aurora. =)

  4. The water is just inviting. It must be worth the trek to see such a beautiful scenery.

  5. water is just amazing no wonder philippines is great at mother nature's gifts! love the photos too!

  6. This was already under a cloudy sky? Wow, this place must be heavenly when under a hot sun! That's a decently short hike to get to as well, 15-20 minutes, I reckon.

  7. The only good thing the rebels did good to the Aurora, keep the government far from that place, thus rejecting modernization, yet preserving its hidden beauty,to be seen by our eyes

  8. Untouched natural beauty at its finest, would surely like to see this place for myself.

  9. wow! nice falls, i'd love to go there someday :)

  10. Nature's beauty at its best. The water is so inviting and the site is so serene. How high is that fall?

  11. What an enchanting place.! Another hidden beauty of the Philippines.

  12. Love this falls. Sobrang lamig nga lang. :) And yes, taking photos was a challenge. Sana next time when I get to visit it again maganda yung weather. :)

  13. watda... haha. I had a lil laugh when the trek was compared to temple run, how was that? gettin extra life and coins on the trails.. kiddin! Anyways, I wish to get into this place whenever I'll be in Aurora.. we just dunno! :) Chaw


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