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Batangas | Apacible House

BATANGAS | Apacible House
Taal Heritage Town Photowalk

Yet another must visit house in Taal, Batangas. The house of Leon Apacible is a 19th Century bahay na Bato marked by National Historical Institute (NHI) as a place where Jose Rizal, Mariano Ponce and other Filipino National Heroes would gather. Leon Apacible himself was an Officer of the Revolutionary Government, a lawyer, a judge and a Lepanto delegate to the Malolos Convention.

The house is well preserved, as it was donated by the descendants of Leon Apacible to the government due to its Historical value, the house itself felt like its had lived through times. Certainly it is old, with the displays of Caruaje on the entrance, the showroom of old photographs, anterooms and marbles floors, muebles and antique figures, unlike any other heritage houses I visited today where what is left are impressions of an era long gone, this house feels like it has blended in this day and age with people actually living in it. I say probably, kudos to NHI for the restoration and how this house is being presented to the public.

What looks like an in house garage where the restored Caruaje is what greeted us upon our entrance. This was one of the last houses that we visited for this day. I was already tired and yearning for a cold bath since I took this trip right after my night shift work. Not even being with some of the bubbliest travel bloggers I am with could perk me up. Still I trudged on knowing that this house is special, and it was with its own charming appeal. 

Mirrors, a lot of them, antiquities with shiny surfaces, glass pedestals, even the shiny gloss of portraits hung in the walls. The wooden floorboards, intricate stairs lined with iron rails, and the colors or mahogany varnishes all over. I've never been to a house shinier than this. The rooms, bath in filtered light from glass paneled windows provide gloomy atmosphere to the auras around. I've always been one to feel auras, gift of discernment I got from my mother, but I don't think I'm otherworldly or supernatural or a physic if you believe in one. I just know when a place has a presence, discerning good and evil in ways I can't explain. The Apacible house left me feeling uneasy but that we are welcomed. I guess we should feel more grateful for the rich heritage we have, and this heritage of Taal is worth exploring.

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  1. I was not a travel blogger then. I think we visited this house. So Apacible pala ito....

  2. I always go to Batangas since it's my grandfather's hometown. Never heard of Apacible though. Will try to visit the next time we're there!

    :) Erika

  3. I appreciate beauty of old houses, it's like your bring back the past, but i can't imagine myself to live in old houses, sounds too creepy for me. hehehe

  4. Love it! Last na 'old house' na napuntahan ko is yung sa Syquia Museum. Dapat makadaan na ako sa Taal town soon!

  5. this is one of the places on my to go list...also Balayan. Living in Silay, it would be interesting to compare heritage homes :)

  6. nice shots... but ya got me into the shivers. :)

  7. great shots... and very nice touch with that vibe you felt. Would love to visit this for just that feeling. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting.. I think you'll like this place, even the entire town of Taal Batangas..
      Its so rich in history, just walking down the street would show you the amalgamation of both old and modern

  8. awesome cool old classical antiques dude. me and my grandma would totally dig this place.....

  9. I love looking at pictures of old house and antique stuff and I must say that your photos are really nice to look at..


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