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El Nido | The Paradise Of Inagbuyutan Island

EL NIDO | The Paradise Of Inagbuyutan Island
The Bacuit Archipelago

If I get myself stranded and marooned in a certain island for an indefinite time, I'd imagine it to be the Inagbuyutan Island. To be honest, The Bacuit Archipelago is scattered with many beautiful islands that its a heartbreak to discard even just one of them. Painfully beautiful, that's what I'd think of Inagbuyutan Island, as the last island we hopped into for the Tour B, it looked to be a fitting finale.

It was in mid afternoon when the outrigger boat that brought us, a group of strange tourist to Inagbuyutan Island. The sun though still hot is already slanting, we docked on the face of the island under the shadows of the towering karst Rock. Sedimentary rocks trusts up in the middle of nowhere, snaked into by wild vines along its crevices, and coconut trees a scatter on the only flat land in the shadows, a white sand beach after a green lush and wall of rock. 

Already most of us bear the marks of sun burns, the couple of Australian guests we were with seemed to be having the best of times ever, having free dived on all the snorkeling sites and underwater caves we've been. I've never been jealous of someone who can free dive and stay underwater for more than 2 minutes, the most I can go under is about 12-15 Ft below in less than a minute of holding my breath utmost. It seemed as the Australian guys explained it to me, if you wer.e schooled in Australia, you'll most likely be taught to swim, and diving lessons are for free and can even be part of their curriculum. How amazing would that be, in here in our country, Diving lessons comes with a fee that can burn holes in pockets.

The photos shared in here are in chronology, starting from our initial approach, you see on the first picture a big rock with rugged edges and scattering of green lush plants capping its edges. On its right side, under the eaves and shadows of the huge rock is the scenic flat beach adorned with coconut trees. Just by looking from afar, one will realise that this island actually stands out in its sorrounding of azure waters, islaets and islands. Can you blame me if I thought of this island to be special enough that I'd wished to be marrooned in here.

El Nido Island Tours

Island Hopping Tour B
Pangalusian Island * Snake Island * Cadugnon cave * Cathedral Cave * Inabuyutan Island * Lagen Island

Activities: Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Nature Trekking, Some Cave Exploration, Buffet Lunch, Beach Hopping
NOTE: The Island to visit may vary on the tour groups, as long as it is within the area for Tour B. These noted Island and Cave's are only some that I've been to.

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  1. This is indeed paradise and for it to be found right here in the Philippines is such a blessing.

  2. How much are diving lessons that can burn pockets? haha. I don't also know what's the ideal price of each session.

  3. the rock formations are really majestic. if i go back to palawan id go straight here. it should have been part of our tour list last time however there wasn't enough time so we missed it. ive seen many photos of these islands but yours make me feel envy really! i hope id get my own shots of this place as well:)

  4. How I wish to just fly to this island and appreciate what this island can offer: Nice sunset, white sand, clear waters and lush trees. :D

  5. How I wish to just fly to this island and appreciate what this island can offer: Nice sunset, white sand, clear waters and lush trees. :D

  6. You give me an idea where in El Nido is best to spent an evening with Marian Rivera.. LOL Kidding aside, the place is great.

  7. Been to El Nido once and I am surely will go back there when an opportunity knocks. I am also planning of going to Coron.


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