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Food Trip | Kainan Au Gusto

FOOD TRIP | Kainan Au Gusto, Kapitolyo, Pasig
Good Food, Good Carinderia

The glorified carinderia of Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig. First time I heard of the name of this place, I imagined a posh restaurant, one of the many along the metro so it came as a surprise that it was entirely different.

I'm not one to scoff in the idea of dining in Turo-turo, in fact Carinderia food fed me for most of the time as it is just there to save the day for me and most of us who is just too tired to cook or have no one else to cook for. 

I had difficulty spelling out the name at first, trying to check out Kainan Au Gusto if the place would be good as a venue for our team breakfast. To be honest, I did not find much from the internet, but the few I've read were very good, it seems like this Carinderia is well thought off in Brgy Kapitolyo of Pasig.

The Affordable Food
The food was comfort, as I'm not ashamed to admit eating Carinderia food. The menu is something we are all very familiar off, the price though is slightly pricey compared to any regular food joint, but it's all good when you consider the place. It was a humid hot July Saturday when me and my team found ourselves walking into the threshold of Kainan Au Gusto, but inside is a haven even with just a fan.

I was late arriving, as I had to wait for a friend to finish the late shift, I was greeted by friends who forged ahead with hearty laughter's of people who had just finished a good meal. Now if I have a foreign guest who would like to try authentic Filipino dish, there is no need to go posh and gentry, a simple Turo-turo like Kainan Au Gusto will do the trick.

The Desserts
It reminds me of my childhood, as I grew up enjoying "Kakanin's" on family holidays. They many other desserts to be served but I preferred these one's.

The Ambiance
Like walking into a gallery of some sort, I thought at first that the displays are taking too much space, from Antique figures, numerous chandeliers, Chinese porcelains and jars, Japanese umbrellas, old and corroded Capiz shell windows, Angel figures and Cherubs, and many assortments of chairs, and many sort of oriental artifacts, I realized that each items have corresponding price tags on them. This is a gallery turned Carinderia, I've never seen anything like it, awesome.

Where To?
Kainan Au Gusto
21 United St, Cor West
Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Philippines
Phone: (63) (02) 7101562

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  1. Their seems to be a lot of great places to eat in Kapitolyo. I also appreciate Carinderya food since it's not as commercialized as fast food.

  2. Eating in Carinderia is so degrading for it connotes inferior facilities and sanitation is not well guaranteed. Carinderia belongs to a low-income people in the society. But in your review here, you have glorified Carinderia. It is privilege to do that and I have no question about. In fact, I compel to eat the foods you featured here. They are too delicious I presume. Aren't they? and they're well prepared.

  3. Your pictures are so enticing. Salivating to see those sumptuous foods.

  4. I love fish in the banana leaf. That is one of my all time favorite recipes.

  5. Kahit Turo-turo pa yan, basta ganyan ang mga chibug, so sure I'll go eat there and who knows I can bring along my 'social' wife.

  6. That's one of our favorite lunch place with my co-employees when our office then was located in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

  7. wow if this is just in pasig id visit this certainly. i always want food trip adventures that are affordable and have really good marketing ideas.


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