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Benguet | Wild Flowers Of Benguet

BENGUET | Wild Flowers Of Benguet
Photos of Wild Flowers of Benguet

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour. - William Blake

Looking Up, White Sun Flowers.

Taking Photos of flowers is one of the first step I took into photography. Fresh and colorful, it is the obvious subject to deal with if you want to capture varied colors and hues and make an instant inspirational photo. It is easy to capture while it blooms in a still garden and can be everywhere where flowering things are allowed to grow and prosper, or you can take the fresh cut ones at home like photographing still life floras.

It's true that flowers are easy to photograph, but like many other focal point or subject. A good angle would make it more interesting. Remember, your camera maybe able to capture the image of the flowers, whether if it’s in its environment or set in a place of admiration, but people as an audience may have already seen such splendor. So the real challenge is how to keep them simple yet interesting.

We also have our own preferences when we look at flowers. At such, even when not taking photographs, when I see bush flowers or ornamental plants, I always go for a closer look. Just to at least observe the textures of petals, whether the morning drizzles left dews on it, sometimes feel the silkiness in my hand. The same thing I do when I take their photo, I go for a closer look, focusing on a particular petal perhaps, or the stalks that frame it, making sure that the camera focus is spot on where I want it to be while taking advantage of the Depth Of Field (DOF).

I don't have any fancy macro lenses or special filters, just my good old Nikon Camera and its kit lens. The setting of the camera is always a challenge for me, but I take experiments to get it right. I like to show contrast of colors, of darker shades allowing only ambient light and keeping my hands steady to keep my shots as sharp as they come. My lens is unable to focus when it’s too close to the flowers, so the trick is to take a step back and zoom in. Making it hard to take the shot while doing hand held, more so if you are in a field where the occasional wind blows. Fortunately, flowers are the subject that stays put, unlike taking photos of people on the street or animals that can scurry away at any moment.

Though I have moved on, taking an interest on other photography exploits and subjects, I still take photos of flowers when I can, in their natural environment. These photos below are taken along the trails while I trekk Mt Timbak in Atok Benguet. The cold weather was favorable for wild flowers to grow, and being that Mt Timbak is the 3rd highest mountain in Luzon makes it to me more interesting. With wild flowers, you see imperfections, with uneven petals, interesting textures, and a sturdy look than the usual fragility that you can see in flowers from flower shops.

I don't know the names of these flowers, so I just match them with what I see in Google. Feel free to correct me and please take a look and let me know what you think.

I'm not sure is this is even a budding flower. But texture of the leaves capture my interest.
(Please put a name to this flower)

(Please put a name to this flower)

White Calla Lily

(Please put a name to this flower)

(Please put a name to this flower)

A cactus from the Highlands

Bloom bright for me, White Sun Flower

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  2. What you called the white sun flower is actually a shasta daisy


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