Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Agusan Del Sur's Giant Crocodile Captured Alive

The first time I saw a live Crocodile was when I was in Puerto Princesa, Palawan having a tour of the Crocodile Farm. 

There I saw their breeder for Saltwater Crocodile.. 
A scary 17 foot living monster.
Apparently, Crocs live a very long time and they don't stop growing.
The Crocodile farm's biggest captive Croc is about 60 years,
almost as big as the one captured in the Swamps of Palawan years ago.

This recent capture in Agusan Marsh is very staggering
and could very well be the biggest saltwater crocodile in the world.
It could be from 90 to 100 years old.
As well, lets set things straight, 
only male crocodiles grow to monstrous proportions as compared to females.
Being it called saltwater Crocodile doesn't mean that it only lives in Salt Waters.
It just made them more dangerous as they could use the rivers as their highways in 
travelling to other territories.

With this recent capture, Agusan is making its way for my upcoming travel locations.
I bet, in a few years time this humble province will be in the maps of tourist.
If presented properly, this humdrum is a very good opportunity for tourism.
As for me, I want to go there just for the fact that Crocodiles fascinates me. 

I don't own any of these pictures..
But i'll get my chance to photograph this monster.
Agusan wait for me.

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