Friday, September 30, 2011

Zambales Weekend Getaway

Zambales, A Weekend Respite

Specifically, San Felipe has become a weekend respite for me for the last 3 years.
Much like Puerto Galera, when friends decide to leave the big city for a weekend to frolic in the Sun.
I guess people would relate to this if you work in Metro Manila where things can be cluttered.

I took this picture early in the morning before sunrise on the unfinished marina by the beach.
It had been raining hard the day before so I wasn't expecting a good sunrise.
I was just inspecting the Marina and the colorful graffiti,
when the sunlight poked through the crevices, it was a startling contrast with the drawings.
I am a beach bum, that much is certain,
and after my last trip to Caramoan mid August 2011. 
My sun burnt skin is recuperating well, and I'm loosing the tan again. 
Not a chance, I need to get back to the beach ASAP.

So when an email was sent to everyone in the office for Sykes Outdoor Activity: Surf Clinic 101.
I immediately signed up for it as its open to every adventurer who receives the notice.
Mind you, I'm not a member of this club, as each time they're going somewhere, I would normally have my own itinerary as well. I just love working in Sykes, I have the lee way of choosing activities that would fit my preference. I'm a member of Sykes Photo Club, and since I signed up with them, I've made great improvements with my photography techniques especially landscape photography.

On the way to Zambales,
we dropped by a nice restaurant in Olongapo for a nice lunch and short siesta.
They serve Jumbo Tacos,
this Jumbo Taco Salad was enormous I wasn't able to devour all of it..
I don't really like eating Tacos, but this one was delicious and awe inspiring.
I think I've eaten my fill of Tacos for an entire year.
Joining this weekend getaway was my induction for Sykes Outdoor.
Now I can include into my activities, hiking, mountaineering and on this case surfing.
What's the catch really is that I would only spend 25% of expenses that I would have made if I go to some location alone or with my usual travel buddy Gabz
I also get to meet people who share the same passion for outdoors.

This was an overnight trip,
I've paid a hefty Php 1,400 overhead price that includes Surfing lesson with an experienced Surf Instructor, a comfortable resort accommodation in Liw-Liwa, Zambales, deliciously heavy buffet meals, back in fort transport with a kind tour guide and driver Kuya Marshall, and with company of good friends that can provide stress relieving laughter's (you know who you are guys)

These landscape pictures I brought home with me..
Hope you like them!

Shot at noontime with the thundering waves in the beach.
The sounds of waves really has the calming effect on it,
it feels so peaceful to lounge on a mid day cloudy skies.
I find the graffiti to be very creative 
Shot on early morning.
This is a freshwater river meeting up with the beach on a low tide.
The small water-pools provide that mirror effect on my focal point. 
This is one of the water pumps made by locals,
I don't really know what its use for,
but this picture shows you how wide if the beach area of San Felipe, Zambales.
Shot on an early afternoon, before a rain shower is due.
What's left of a dried up river on a low tide.
Pine trees along the beach
Surprisingly, instead of coconuts and palm trees,
The beach is lined up with towering pine trees all throughout the coastline.
Meet the Pinoy Travel Freak
this was upon our arrival
I took his picture while he was exploring the surrounding areas.
It's about to rain, rain clouds looming ahead.

Our meager accommodation,
a nice comfortable hut with beds and a fan inside.
No need for an aircon room, the weather is cold anyway.
Done with my surfing lesson..
I can't get over it, so here I am showing off with a Surf Board. lol!
Me showing off again, my CWC souvenir shirt.
As if I've done wake-boarding,
it's next on my list of water sport activity though.

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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  1. nice view and picture capture.Hope I can visit someday Zambales. Though I haven't visited that area you have me the birds eye vies of what to expect in that place..

  2. wow! you have very great shots! and the graffiti is totally creative. i'm from Zambales but i haven't seen this yet. thanks for sharing!
    btw, following you now..=)


  3. I might've missed it, but Pala-lagaw means? It sounded like a title I'm supposed to give my other blog (Paralakaw) which means wandering or traveling. But I ended up just naming it The Pinoy Wanderer.

    Cool pictures. I wish to be able to reach Zambales too.


  4. Hi Myke!
    Pala-lagaw is an Ilongo term
    probably the same with your "Paralakaw"
    It refers to a person who can't stay at one place, more like a nomad gypsy. :)


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