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Bohol | Dauis Church

BOHOL | Dauis Church
A Photo Journey

Dauis Church under going restoration efforts in its front facade.
This is part of our day 2 on the last part of touring Bohol. I was tired and hungry by this time. I went to Bohol, around February 2011, I'm not yet into taking landscape pictures especially churches, I'm still in that stage where you have a camera and you'd like to take as much picture of yourself as you can.

Dauis Church is obviously an old one. I'm no expert in architecture, I can't tell much if this is Baroque. It looks more like Gothic Style with sharp turrets pointed upwards.

The floor plan, the porch, constructions materials, these things I take into consideration when I visit a church. The thick walls, bell towers, height of the ceiling, the aisle and I conclude, Dauis church is not a big as the others in Bohol, but is probably more picturesque than the others.

Being one of those who grew up in the province. I'm used to attending masses on big old church edifice, very much different here in Manila where people prefer small chapels or malls. Makes me wanna go home! :)

Enjoying my quite time inside the church. It's mid-afternoon, and we had it all for ourselves.

The prized murals

 Murals up in the ceilings of the altar.

The side murals

On closer inspection, you'll see that some murals are already damaged, some even have obvious efforts at restoration.

I explored the church untill I discovered its back entrance with the river behind it and a well tended lawn and a small bellfry that is a few meters away from the main body of the church.

The small bellfry.

This was suppose to be a self portrait, but the only photo I've got where the back entrance and the lawn was captured. Let's take a jump.

The moorish towers at the front of the church.

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  1. Same here. I think Dauis Church has some moorish influences in its architecture. Quite different from the usual baroque churches we have.

    Btw, the first photo (and 1 or 2 more) is Panglao Church. :)

  2. yup!! ng kapalit na yung pictures.. sa dami kasi.. hahaha!!!

    I'll fix it!
    Bohol Churches are nice!

  3. Done fixing It!!!
    I'm writing my post for Panglao CHurch as well.


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