Monday, October 10, 2011

Makati Nightscape | Burgundy Corporate Tower Helipad

Makati Nightscape
From A Towers Perspective

This was mostly a photography adventure.
A notice was sent to Sykes Photo Club members in the office,
for a photo op with Synergy along with Sykes Photo Club.
Of all places, they want BCT Helipad.

I've been wanting to visit BCT Helipad since I started to work with Sykes.
It's a perfect location to get a sweeping view of Ayala Ave with it's Towers..
I've also known a few Photographers who was brave enough to have taken the initiative.

For one thing, this place is off limits to visitors.
Although I'm a Sykes Employee, I'm assigned to a different location.

A view from the top,
Good thing the guards were very tolerant.
I just said I need to go to the Helipad for the Photo Shoot
Didn't even have to present my company ID.
They knew that some guys were already up there,
so they just let me in.

It was a really nice experience.
Its like seeing the calm before the storm.
It was about to rain, and you can see the fogs getting thicker by the minute.
So every moment counts.
The pictures were shot with long exposure time at the lowest ISO

The orange tint in the picture was achieved with using flash.
Was trying trying to experiment with the camera.
I still like the ones with no flash, as it is the natural light.
But I also wanted to show the foreground which is the Helipad itself.

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  1. The first photo on this post is beautiful! :)

  2. This is in Burgundy Corporate Tower, along Buendia Ave..
    Near Pasong Tamo cor Buendia

  3. Cool... I like the shots.. I know where BCT is.. it's in Washington street... ehehhe corner Chino roces.. infront of CEU Makati... ehehhehe..... that was the first building na napuntahan ko when I first arrived to Makati....

  4. @Musingan
    Your correct!
    It's an old building, can be very creepy
    and some floors feel like they're hunted.

  5. Nice set kuya!!! Ikaw na matapang! Hihi

  6. nice blog. visit me back and give ur comment

  7. Ang ganda talaga ng makati sa gabi. Nice pics.

    Fickle Cattle

  8. @Nimmy -- hahaha!! tapang tapangan lang yun.. lol!

    @Fickle Cattle -- I'll check your link.. wanna exchange?

  9. Brilliant work! bait naman ng guard diyan sa atin :-)

  10. uy taga sykes ka rin pala!

    badtrip bat di ko nabalitaan ko hehe

  11. @Christian..
    Hello! nasa FB nung SPC ang announcement..
    masyado ka kasi busy.. hehehe! :)
    Congratz sa KLM Assignment!! galing mo!

  12. Hey Francis! Thanks for the comment you left on my post.

    Btw, these are cool pics. Good job. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and a photographer is the story teller. Well, what's the story? Kidding!

    Nice photos.

    Show Me Your Look Today
    The Pinoy Wanderer

  13. your shots are breath-taking! they're all very good... thanks for this post...

    please visit and follow my blogs and i'll do the same...

    My Journey

    Anything About Bella 

    The Father and Son Chronicles

    Food and Food Trips


  14. you have a wonderful site.. like your site.. keep posting..

  15. Ah kaya pala d ko nabalitaan; wala ako fb eh hehe.
    Announce nyo rin sana sa spc forum para makasali rin ung mga walang fb haha

    Salamat brad, konting tulog na lang Holland na!

  16. @Myke - A picture speaks a thousand words
    I agree, but it's only half the truth..
    A picture can say words, but it doesn't have to.
    I'd prefer that picture can stop you in your tracks

  17. Ang ganda ng pictures! Sana ganyan din ang Davao!

  18. nice.... gusto yung pics ng gabi.

    kaso di ata kaya yan ng digicam. heheh. digicam user lang kasi me :D

  19. @Khantotantra - medyo ma hirap nga ang digicam..

  20. Nice shots! Inggit ako, I love and learning photography and like ko tlga ang night shots...

  21. Stunning photo of a part of the CBD skyline!

  22. yay
    ang ganda ng mga shots parang sa mga korean movie tapos ung bida tatalon from the top lolz
    jokes lng,,,,
    napadaan dito~

  23. hi! need your help on how i can get in touch with the building administrator. need to have a photoshoot with myself in the helipad. hope you can help me find its telephone number. thanks

  24. Hi Michael..
    I think it depends on what time are you going there?? will it be daytime or at night.
    I don't know any contact numbers myself, I just went there, I ask the guards on the ground floor and just went there myself. The guards on the ground floor maybe able to help you with this.

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