Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Fort | A Night Stroll Haven

A Stroll In The Fort

Every working day, aboard The Fort Bus that would take me from 
Market Market Taguig, to Ayala Ave Makati, I get to pass by this wonderful location.

The Fort is a really nice place for a night stroll.
One Sunday afternoon after watching a movie in Glorietta Makati,
I decided to take a photo walk on this night haven alone.
I've longed to take a picture of a landmark near St Lukes Medical Center, Taguig.

It was a relaxing experience, even though I was just by myself.
The place feels safe, I didn't regret taking this option for relaxation,
as I would normally just go to a spa for a massage.

Here's some of the photos I brought home with me.

Serendra at night

Serendra with this amazing landmark.

Serendra as a park at night

Light Beams, The Fort Landmark
I see this everyday, and this is the first time I get to take a picture

As you may notice,
The colors change constantly

Towers and High Rise Buildings dominate the horizon of The Fort

On a closer look with some of The Fort's Towers and condominiums.

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  1. pretty awesome place and of course the photos that you took :-) I can't wait to go back there for a vacation with my family and for sure I won't miss to visit that place.

  2. really nice place!
    I like a city that's conducive for walking..
    like this one!

  3. Hi Sam, I just followed ur snapshots blog.
    Nice to know a fellow blogger that likes photography..

    the shutter bug hit me hard!

  4. nice photos sir :), I didnt know that The Fort would be this beautiful at night

  5. ang ganda nun mga beams ek ek na yun! keep them coming!


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