Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sagada | Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces and Bomod-ok Falls

Amazing Nature Trekk Adventure

(This is a re-post)
This is Day 2. The best way to describe a Sagada Adventure is with a pictures.
So this one will be full of it. 
Before we did the nature trekking at Aguid Rice Terraces..
I had to stuff myself. An enjoyable ordeal really :)
Here's me waiting for my order at Salt and Pepper Restaurant.
I tell you, I get Emo when left hungry for long.

My order, Pancakes for breakfast.. Sure looks yummy!!!Now, before this yummy breakfast, I was from Kiltepan point.I just witnessed the most amazing sunrise in my life.I'm hungry, and I have a long day ahead.
Cold early morning in Sagada. The pines look like creeps towering over.
My first glimpse of the trail.. Malayo-layo.. effort much!
Heading down.. My travel buddy is carrying the camera.
So that's me in there, in sando's.. Insulting the cold weather.
You can see the fog all over the valley. That was where we saw Kiltepan peak earlier.
I'm on the other side now.

In fairness, I sweated a lot along the trail. It's very humid.
Our tour guide is walking up front from me.

Igorots, carrying a big swine for slaughter. Kawawa naman!!!
The pig was bound in both feet, and its mouth is tied.
Ever wonder how these people carry heavy loads in this terrain?
This is it, with several men carrying it at once.
As for me, I'm not a vegetarian.. But if I see a lot of animals for food, I might become one.

The trail is long but my eyes feasted a lot..
It feels like communing with nature in an arduous way.
A bend in the trail.. Just around the corner and you can hear the loud water splash.

Not much picture here..
The air is damp, and my camera doesn't have any waterproof case.

Oh Yes!!! It's exactly as it is..Below sub-zero cold!!!
After 30 minutes of swimming.. My earlobes are swollen.
I can't take it any longer. But it feels good.
From here on it's my turn with the camera.. Perfect weather!!!

There're lots of these volcanic rocks all over the terraces.
Nice focal point for landscape photography.
Lone Pines!
Nice Green Rice Terraces!!!
Who wants to have some fools gold?
Sold for Php 10 a piece. There's lot of it around here. Residents sell it to tourist.

There is an entrance fee of Php 10.
This is where they use the funds for community development.
These pavements are a result of it. This walk would've been unbearable without it.

The way through.. Very arduous as its going up.

One thing I love about this trail, is that its littered with wild flowers.

I think this butterfly is nearing it's death. See the wings have a tear in it. Captured it just in time.
After the trekking.. It's nice to have some dirty halo-halo..
Who wouldn't want one.. Nyam! Nyam!!!
Tired feet. Testament to this good experience.

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  1. Hello my friend, happy Sunday with happiness and peace, thank you very much for the visit. Hugs Valter.

  2. visit and support you! please visit me back!

  3. I'm addicted for landscapes and scenarios like this are really impressive and amazing.
    Thank you for your kind visit dear friend. I which you an relaxing Sunday, you're allways welcome

  4. astig na shots mo! gusto ko na mag-Sagada.

  5. So amazing pictures!

  6. Thanks Wagner!
    There's a lot of hard work behind it.. :)

  7. @Joey - I like ur blog about Thailand.
    I intend to include it in the future when its about time for me to conquer South East Asia..
    Hope we could Exchg Link! :)

  8. Very nice pictures! Breath taking sceneries at it's best. wala ako masabi sa pics...ang gaganda.


  9. wowowowowwwww!!! i felt like in Sagada while looking at your pictures... thanks for taking me me there...

    Nami guid life mo hay sige kaw travel.... enjoy and keep us updated!

  10. by the way, shared this post in facebook.... sayang kasi kung hindi makita ng iba ang ganda...

  11. hehehe!! sa kadamu gani sag picture nga gin butang ko..

    I love Sagada very much!


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