Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naga | Wakeboarding @ CWC

Camarines Sur Watersports Complex
The Wake Boarder's Kind Of Fun

August 21, 2011, a Sunday
Note: This is a repost

Side Trip after the Caramoan Adventure
2 hour Van Drive from Quijalo or Sabang Port
CWC is inside their Capitol Complex.. 
Don't really know what they call the area but its in Pili, Camarines Sur.

We observed and took some picture of wakeboarders
Were not really interested with joining in because we already have sun burnt skin from Caramoan
Wakeboarding is a nice sport, and for the athletic.
I could fit into the description.. But maybe next time.
It's a long drive and I have a long drive from Naga to Manila ahead of me in a few hours.
Certainly, a Halo-Halo does its wonders for cooling off.
Here I got sun burnt tender skin, still wanted to swim if I can.

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  1. aaaahhhhhhhhhh..... hope to be there next year! saya!

  2. Hi Ian, thanks for dropping by..
    Im gonna add you in my blogroll. :)

  3. wow!punong puno ng action! Sobrang ganda ng shots!

    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Thanks Rovie!
    This is actually a repost, I'm redoing my Caramoan and Naga post due to bad picture editing.
    Hope this one is better! :)

  5. nice photos... blog walking here. :D

  6. thanks for visiting my site.

    how much ang cost ng entrance ng CWC?? I skipped that kasi nung nagpunta ko ng CamSur dahil medyo alanganin na sa oras.. i will visit that the next time I go to Bicol..

    by the way, great shots!!

  7. huwaw! gusto ko dito. na try kong mag wake dito sa cebu nung nag wake camp ang mga taga-CWC peeps dito,. hindi ako nag enjoy. kaka frustrate kasi. amp. ang hirap!

  8. @Joan - walang bayad ang entrance..
    Ng tingin2 lang kami, gusto ko sana kaya lang
    kaka intimidate.. hahaha! me sun burn pako from Caramoan.

    @Nieco - mahirap nga xa saka parang masakit sa katawan

  9. sana mapuntahan ko din ito :)

  10. ganda ng photos!!! :) what are you using? ang ganda dun!!! :)

  11. wow! So ganda! Thanks for featuring my hometown's tourist spot! hihi. Very nice!

  12. Perfect shot! I've always wanted to try wake boarding pero I'm also afraid at the same time. :)

  13. Welcome on a nice evening I wish you good night

  14. @ayel - I'm using Nikon D5100 - nikkor lens 55-200mm range. challenge yung pg kuha ng pictures.. first time ko mg picture ng sports.

    @Rona - uu nga noh, Bicolana ka pala.. you have a very beautiful province.

    @algene - I'll try next time, its better to experience than to wonder how it is.

    Thanks for dropping by guys! :)

  15. napapawow ako sa ganda ng pagkakuha..astig


  16. Hello Kikilabotz!! Thanks for droppin!

  17. astiiig! nice shots and nice jumps!
    hopefully ill be able to try that paguwi! ;p

  18. Cool! Galing ng shots! At yung halo halo. Geez! Nakakamiss tuloy.

  19. I envy your pictures! I hope I can try wakeboarding soon kahit hindi ako marunong lumangoy. Sana pwede!


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