Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bukidnon | Del Monte Clubhouse

Del Monte Clubhouse
Munching On Steak for Lunch

On the way to Dahilayan Zip Zone in Bukidnon, we passed by the Del Monte farm.
It's a vast area of fruit farm, after the trip, we were suppose to have lunch at The Pinutos, one of the restaurants along the way.. Pinutos in visayan language is roughly the translation of Binalot in Tagalog.

Our guide told us that the farm has a clubhouse with its golf course, and that the steak served here is famous.
It was actually out of the way, but since we were curious about the steak, we asked to be brought here for lunch instead. We also wanted to try the Fresh Bottomless pineapple juice.
Welcome to Del Monte, Camp Phillips.
Its the farms village were its employees are housed, imagine having you're own home, free of electricity and water bills.
Finally, Steak served Medium Well..
All of us agreed, we don't like munching on half cooked food.
The steak has that sweet taste in it, but I think its overrated.
First, because it's expensive, not a good place for a back packing adventurer.

Most of the customers here are golfers, so its understandable that they like to eat steak, and lots of it.
The meat itself is said to be coming from Del Monte's own farm, cattle fed only with pineapples.
How to eat the steak?
The best way we know, with rice of course. :)
I'm with Gabz (
We didn't intend to eat lunch here, but were willing to try, since the other buddies that we met just today were willing to pay for the extra gas just to visit the clubhouse.
Team Budgetel, as we are all lodged in Budgetel in CDO.

I pretty much enjoyed the steak food, though I still would have preferred to eat in Pinutos,
at least I could say I've been there to the Del Monte farm.
I left with full stomach and a happy grin.

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  1. a really nice countryside...
    Hindi ko na proof read ang post na to.. ngayon lang..
    my god, tambling yata ang grammar ko.. hihihi!

  2. when we went to the monastery of transfiguration, we wanted to eat lunch here... but we missed it coz we had to get back to CDO to meet someone. super sayang... the steak looks yummy :)

  3. the steak makes me hungry T_T

  4. The steak looks good except for that slab of fat. Not a fan of it. If the cattle were fed with pineapples then meat probably tasted good!

  5. I think the Del Monte steak is overrated as well. My friend and his family went there last December and they don't like the steak at all. Aside from being expensive the taste is not comparable to that of Melo's steak etc..sobrang layo daw.

  6. hhhmmm been traveling to Bukidnon lately. but i never had the chance to visit this places...

    your post makes me feel that the place is too feels like there are a lot of places in Bukidnon that I never explored yet...

    I've never been to Dahilayan but I believe its not comparable to Lake Apo :)

  7. Ito talaga ang yaman ng Bukidnon the pineapples! Yum!

    Gusto ko rin ung rolling hills vista ng Bukidnon. Sana makapunta na rin ako dito sa lalong madaling panahon :)

  8. I like Bukidnon. Road trip from Davao to Bukidnon is so exciting. You must try it!

  9. Minsan talaga nakakapeke yung magandang kuha. The steaks look really yummy in the photos, but like what you have said, overrated lang. :(

  10. those steaks made me hungry..but too bad, i don't eat pork..hehehe..never been yet to the Del Monte Clubhouse..but used to go to Bukidnon.

  11. well done for me plsssss.... ;)i have never heard of del monte clubhouse before.. meron pala nun!

  12. I'm sure I attended one of Del Monte's meetings about three years ago but I cannot remember seeing any clubhouse. Too bad. I should have tasted some half-cooked meat and decide if I like it or not. Hehehe!

  13. That'son my list na! Bukidnon just wait and I will find time to visit you, might visit this Del Monte Clubhouse as well. Tnx for the post! :)

  14. Cool! First time I learned about this place. Must visit this someday :)

  15. I'm sure, busog na busog kayo di lang sa pinapples, pati na rin sa kagandahan ng Bukidnon. ^_^

  16. My half-sis lived in Bukidnon for some time, but I haven't been there yet.. :( Wish I can visit Del Monte Clubhouse too.


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