Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Misamis Oriental | Balingoan Port

Silent Watch Port In A Cold Morning

Due to unforeseen circumstance in CDO, our itinerary for the day before was not followed. So my travel buddy and I thought that what if we could tour the entire Camiguin island in a day? then probably we can go back to CDO and take a trip to Iligan the next day. It's an option but one that we need to act fast. So we did.

Around 2AM, we left CDO via bus that would take us to Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental via 2 hour bus drive from CDO. This is how I spent the first hours of my 27th Birthday, holed up in a cold bus on a pitch black highway.

We really have no idea where we are early in the Morning, we left from Agora Terminal in CDO to Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental. Crossing our fingers, we ask the bus conductor to tell us when we are already in Balingoan. But then he forgot, so when the bus actually stopped at Balingoan, I thought we were just having a short bus stop, so I took a pee break. I asked the bus driver where we are but he ignored me, he has that dreamy look of someone who's in dire need to sleep.

Now when the bus went taxing again, the conductor asked us why we didn't disembarked? It's a horrifying question, as we where already a kilometer away from the Port with our bags, 4 AM pitch black morning on a highway with lush vegetation.

There's no time to blame anyone as we need to move on to catch the first trip to Camiguin. The driver finally took notice of our predicament, and hailed the approaching bus back to Balingoan. It's a sidetrip I never wanna do, I don't want to be dropped in a pitch black highway out of nowhere, good thing we only paid the minimum bus ride back to our last stop.

Boarding the Ferry to Benoni Port, Camiguin

Just in time, we were able to buy our tickets for a ferry ride to Camiguin, paid the terminal fee and waited a few minutes to for the port to actually open for business.

Agora Terminal Bus ride from CDO to Balingoan Port | Php 143
Ferry Ride to Benoni Port, Camiguin | Php 170
Balingoan Terminal Fee | Php 2.25

The waiting lounge, a few passengers were waiting here for the first trip. A few people were also sleeping in benches, I think they waited overnight for the trip as well.

Lights gathering for a cloudy sunrise, inspiring scene if your one of those who appreciate the beauty of sunrise. I was hoping for a very good magic hour, but I guess I'm gonna miss it today. I took the most out of the scene aboard the awaiting ferry boat.

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