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Camiguin | Mt Hibok Hibok Hot Spring

CAMIGUIN | Mount Hibok Hibok Ardent Hot Spring
A Jump Off Site For Mountaineers And A Family Hot Tub.

Camiguin is a beautiful volcanic island province, much of its natural history is centered in violence of these natural wonders, and this island is a home to one of Philippines Stratovolcano and Dome Complex, the constantly monitored Mount Hibok Hibok.

Prior to this, I've only heard of Mount Hibok Hibok from Mountainers, although this is not the highest peak on the island, this volcano is famous because it is the most active though for now, it lays silent and the only signs of the presence of a deadly volcano for today are the hot springs, Ardent is just one of the six Hot Springs.

The water is way hot but very relaxing, I could just stay there in the pool the whole day and forget everything. The water temperatures had certainly done wonders for me, remember that prior to this, I took a chilling swim in Katibawasan Falls, so when I swam in these hot waters, albeit the exact opposite of waters, I was relaxed.

We were early, but then there were already some guest enjoying the hot clear pools. More like a beautiful weekend relaxation for families, until the kids from a local elementary school arrived. I heard that as a reward by their teachers for winning a fiesta competition was to enjoy hot spring. What would young boys do in a pool with friends, play of course as I did when I was their age. 

It was nice to photograph them showing off and somersaulting, but I don't find it a good idea. I have a bitter memory of chipping my front teeth before because I was having fun diving in a pool.

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  1. Wow.. Camiguin. Di ko pa napupuntahan yan.. Ang ganda ng tubig oh, very blue, very inviting. :) Parang ang sarap nga maligo..

    Naks.. Ikaw na guid ya ang palalagaw! :)

  2. Ang sarap naman maligo dyan! hehehe.

  3. Eep! How did your front tooth chip off?! Haha, curious lang :)

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie - Hi Gay! It was a bitter memory. I was in our the university swimming.. big and all that being Olympic size.. I thought I was jumping into the deeper side, but it was only below 4 ft. I hit my mouth in the bottom tiles, and the tip of my front teeth made contact. It was chipped of, just a very small chip.. but it was vissible.. Still visible until now even after I sanded my other teeth to make it balance. bitter memory! hahaha

  5. i love camiguin. and on the first night that we got there, we immediately went to ardent hot spring :) glad to see the resort still has been well-maintained

  6. nice view I like it! :-) sana makapunta ako sa Camiguin pag uwi ko..

  7. @Gladys - sarap sa Hot Spring.. na relax ako kahit sandali lang kami dun, mga 1 hour lang yata.

  8. You're so lucky to see the wonders of our country. Enjoy while you’re still single, young and healthy. Have fun! :-)

  9. ganda! hope someday I could also enjoy those crystal clear waters.... =)

  10. Ardent Spring is also best enjoyed during night time when the weather's cold. ;p


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