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Camiguin | White Island

CAMIGUIN | White Island
A Sandbar Haven Facing The Island Born Of Fire

Lucky for me, I got my chance to frolic in Camiguin's white Island on a good weather. It's was too hot, this stretch of white island sandbar is expose to elements especially the sun, and even though we only stayed here for at least an hour, I was sun baked when I got back to the main land and had the extra salt rinsed off my skin.

Approaching the white island.. I was ready,  with my own snorkeling gear with me. I soon realized that it wasn't necessary as there is not much to snorkel about, the boatman's in here and a few guides offer a rent for snorkeling gear, Php 50.00

The White island itself is just a few kilometers from the main island of Camiguin. It's not a good place for a snorkeling adventure, the waters are too shallow and the corals mostly dead, probably what makes the sand white as they're mostly composed of sandy dead corals.

Overlooking the Camiguin island itself, you'll realized that its really an Island born of the fire. Volcanoes old and new, some violent virtually litter the whole island. Most of the pictures I've seen prior to me seeing this place is the island itself covered in clouds as was this day that I took stock of it and it's beauty. I'm falling in love with Mindanao, and I credit Camiguin for that.

Small canoes and the lone floating barge, and few beach umbrellas litter the entire stretch of the island. I daresay renting the Umbrellas for Php 50 was a good deal because its a must unless you want your gadgets especially your cameras to be baked in the sun.

Got my first taste of Sea Urchin, this is probably their version of Urchin Caviar, I was hungry and with no other option, I tried this, not bad.. Not bad at all.

Swimming in the shallow waters, I tried to imagine what the residents here did when the Volcanoes erupted, especially the Mt Hibok Hibok, did they try to get away from the island in small boats as I've seen in movies.. Did they get hit by rocks thrown by a raging Volcano while at Sea. I also remembered the horror movie featuring this island, Quija, I can't reconcile the fact that they made this island look hunted. Its a dreamy and silent town, very much a place perfect for a relax vacation. What was said of this place is an understatement, and the White Island is probably one of the best fun place for a family to enjoy.

This sandbar is amazingly big, see me in the picture? I'm not even on the edge.

My resulting glorious tan was worth it.

One of the most memorable beach trip.

Camiguin Island Tour
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Highly recommended.

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  1. That sea urchin would go down well with Ginebra bilog :)

  2. this is one place I never have been to in Camiguin! I wanna go there soonest! salamat sa pag-share po!

  3. Camiguin is so seductive. The beach and the mountains forming the background of the shot is awesome. I've tried that sea urchin food too.

  4. @Latwatsera de primera - I think thats a good idea. :)

    @Journeys and travel - I think Camiguin is a Gem that haven't much daylight.

    @Albert - try mo! hehehe! Camiguin is inexpensive.. bring someone with you and you'll fall in love with the place.

  5. Wow! I hope I can visit Camiguin, too!

  6. Sea urchins are aphrodosiac, so they say. I never tasted one, though.

  7. Wow!, wonderful,mysterious,enchanting white beach. Camiguin should be one to be visited this Holiday season.Nice pictures!

  8. Thumbs up for the pics! And the Sea Urchin is mouth-watering <3 Will go to Camiguin at the end of the year, hoping to snap pictures even half as good as you do :)

  9. Today is friday.. Have a happy day..

  10. Gelli De Belen's Movie and the Judy Ann's Ouija is what i know about Camiguin, not until I visited it this year...

    D2 sa white island ako nag stay ng matagal in my 1-day trip around the island...

  11. January mapupuntahan ko na rin yan sa wakas! :)

  12. AWESOME! wish i could go there someday!

  13. ang ganda naman !!! lakas mo mang-inggit, mr. pala-lagaw. hehe!

  14. @KM -- hahaha!! Boracay naman panlaban mo sakin eh.. ako din na ingit sa Boracay Trip nyo

  15. any recommended hotels na affordable?


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