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Cagayan De Oro | City of Golden Friendship

Cagayan De Oro
City of Golden Friendship

November 3 - 7, 2011
My first time in Mindanao. I don't really understand why the welcoming phrase for this place is "City of Golden Friendship." So I thought its about hospitality and the people that live here. I can hardly say that it applies for the Cagayanon's, they have a charm that's far more alluring than being hospitable.

I did not expect to be greeted by a bustling city, of people talking in one of the Visayan languages, its was because of this that I felt that easy kindred to the people of Cagayan. 
Upon arrival in the airport, I took stock of what I see. It's very diverse, and very obvious that this is one of the country's melting pot for Muslim and Christian religion and culture.
The Motorela, it's one of the main modes of transport in this city. I was fascinated by it, I ride tricycle everyday when commuting to work and although the design may vary in different locations, the concept is the same. Motorela is different, in a sense the name itself was derived from another mode of transport which is no longer in usage, and that it the Karitela. Motorela may have been a Karitela that was added with a motor and can seat on about 8 people on board, 6 on body and 1 on each side of the driver.
You would also notice that instead of an enlarge number to mark the vehicle, the name of the operator is what's readable on it. If you're a Motorela operator, expect to have your name paraded all through the town.
Budgetel served as my home during my entire stay in CDO, for the most part, it was like my anchor as I explore the place. Except for the White Water Rafting in Cagayan River, there's not much you can do in here. Getting to other places nearby is the best option, I spent a day visiting the famous Camiguin, and also an afternoon drive to Iligan City, a 2 hour bus drive from Cagayan De Oro City.

To experience the White Water Rafting   is what brought me to this here, and within the little time I have, I was able to experience the best that Camiguin has to offer, I also took a breather in Iligan City and had a short visit to Bukidnon's Dahilayan Zip Zone and The Del Monte Farm. Four days and four locations, not bad for someone who's a first timer in Mindanao. I also visited the Divisoria Night Market and bought some interesting finds that i'll post in another link.

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Cagayan De Oro City

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  1. Wow.. CDO. Gusto ko ring makapunta ng CDO. Nitong August lang, nasa Davao ako para mag-meet sa ibang kakilalang bloggers.. planning to go back next year, at sana makadiretso kami sa CDO hehe.. :)

    Those are great pictures.. lalo na yung sa trysikel..or the Motorela. :D The vehicle's design is different.. but very practical. :))

  2. SIMURGH gusto ko yung Northern Mindanao Series mo ha.... lavet... sana mapuntahan ko din ang cdo hehe

  3. ang cute pala ng trike parang jeepney hehe

  4. It is..
    isa yun sa mga na notice ko pg dating namin sa CDO.
    I think Motorela is unique in Northern Mindanao, nakita ko rin to sa Iligan saka sa Bukidnon

  5. I don't think the front liners, meaning the drivers of taxis and private vehicles, offering transport from the airport to the city are friendly. They are disorganize, charges so much and simply chaotic. Na-bangenge akez.

    Or baka nga nagulantang lang sila talaga sa beauty ko. Hahaha! Chos!

  6. I kind of agree with you Ms Chuni..
    Kaya nga diko ma gets kung bakit ang tag line nila eh "city of golden friendship"

    They're not exactly friendly to tourist..
    Ilang beses akong ng tanong ng direction sa ilang tao, yung ugali nila is that if I speak in Tagalog, they'll ignore me.. siguro di maka intiende ng tagalog, I have no clue.

  7. Tsada, Cagay-an! I love this city and I will never get bored coming here over and over again!

  8. Cagayan de Oro City is our breakaway place if we want to go out of town from Bukidnon. The nearest place for malling.:-). This is my real hometown.

  9. CDO was my first glimpse of Mindanao..
    And I love it!

    I experience dining in DVsoria on a night market..
    As with anywhere, children begging on the streets can be seen. But on my experience here, the children were well behaved, i kind of felt like extending some of my hand to them. I almost emptied my purse with coins and my leftover food I gave it to them.. It felt good when they rewarded me with a smile. They're honest when they said they're hungry, bcoz they really are hungry.. I'll be writing a separate article about this.

  10. hangkyut ng trike. parang my ganyan sin sa Palawan. d ko na matandaan. hehe hangkulay ng mga photos, like it! :) contemplating on doing CDO soon. will take not of your series

  11. @The Pinay Solo Backpacker - Yung sa Palawan, Tryc pa rin xa, malaki nga lang ang side car nya.. Iba tong motorella eh, apat kasi yung gulong.. I think Motorela is all over Northern Mindanao

  12. Halin man ako sa CDO for vacation kaya lang 2 weeks after you. So sad to hear about what happened to CDO.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hey simurgh, I must agree that the taxi drivers, especially at the airport need some serious spanking as they sometimes charge a lot (pakyaw mode). The mean ones that you've met are probably not from around the place. hehehe. But I do hope you still had a blast at my hometown.


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