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El Nido | Sunset Photos from El Nido

EL NIDO | Sunset Photos from El Nido

A trip to El Nido is always wrought with unforgettable memories. Though I've been there only twice, every corner and islands that I have seen and explored has an imprint of images in my mind. It's my setting for the perfect tropical paradise, no doubt knowing that it was an inspiration to a famous movie all beach lovers should know "The Beach". 

These collections of sunset photos were taken on my last year’s trip to El Nido. Though I promised in my travel blog that I will post them, after editing most of the photos collected in my 5 day backpacking trip, I can't get myself to share most of it. For one thing, El Nido is a backpackers haven so I would expect that a lot of people would have far more amazing captures than I did, also it is personal, just looking at the photos I brought home makes me feel proud so maybe you could understand why I'm being selfish by checking the photos I'm sharing today.

One of the last photos I took for this memorable day. I've been watching and photographing this Sunset for an hour now, though I've seen the best when the sun was already below the horizon. But the final rays of yellow light didn't disappoint as it hit the cloud formations covering the entire town.

Almost the same as the original photos, I just adjusted the dials on clarity and contrast to emphasize the silhouette of the Cadlao Island.

Finding a place to help me frame the Sunset, the branches of this huge Balete Tree did its part, and I was just starting.

A few frames I've shared before from my facebook account, but as you my already know, facebook doesn't necessarily take care of the photos we upload. I am glad that I blog my photos instead. Some of these frames may look similar to another, because it is taken in just one lazy afternoon, after I've finished early on island hopping. Walking down the beach of El Nido with my tripod and camera bag, on the rocky shores of Ca-alan is perfect spot to wait for the Sunset, a sweet spot considering that on rainy seasons, whether its neap or spring tides working, these rocky shorelines are exposed at low tides on afternoons. Looking over the iconic Cadlao Island and the strait beside it, I found myself a natural romantic sunset setting, all I needed is a beer while sitting in the sands, and then I could take frame after frame of photos in all stunning glory.

A boatman's shadow, though very far from my position and only using kit lens, the full zoom was enough for the boatman's shadow to earn a spot in the frame before a view of an amazing Sunset.

These photos had been enhanced by Lightroom for your viewing pleasure, just a few tricks of revealing details on shadows, enhancing a specific color and saturating or desaturated some. No tinkering whatsoever of white balance and photo temperature so please don't compare these instagram shares, these photos aren't a click edit away. I have to admit though, it was my first time shooting photos in RAW format and I have to say its a pleasure working with it. I've always admired photos that are dynamic and obviously a photographic handiwork, just the way I want it.

It's always nice to experience El Nido on an afternoon after a rain. The first magical moment I had when I first visited El Nido was when I saw Cadlao Island from the window of the Van that brought me there. Seeing the rays of Sunlight hitting the Island like a spotlight, it was jaw dropping spectacle, and though I've never stepped on the shores of this Island. The magic remains for me that its probably better for me to just see it from the distance of El Nido beach. The magic remains.

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