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Food Trip | Malcolm's DELI

FOOD TRIP | Malcolm's DELI
Signature Wagyu Burgers

I wasn't digging Malcolm's as the venue for our Teams Breakfast as I was told by a few friends that they are overpriced. My opinion for overpriced deli is that they may have an underlying reason and is probably dependent on their target market, so I came willing to spend and now its time to look back.

I don't really like going into details about how the menu is priced. But as you can imagine, the signature Wagyu Burgers gave me a little hiccup. Its Wagyu after all, this would give an idea of what to expect.

We had a set back as to their business hours, though we work night shift, our last shifters end at 9 AM but Malcolm's open at 10 AM. Somehow, I imagined  that most restaurants in malls opening at that time, and we are not going into a mall here but the busy intersection of 5th Ave corner McKinley at the ground floor of Fairways Tower in BGC. I'm familiar with the Fairways tower as I pass by here on weekdays back and fort to work, so one factor I surmise as much is the location.

Busy with paperwork at the office, I wasn't really looking for to how Malcolm's would fare for us as a venue for us to celebrate the coming of holidays, there were only a few patrons having breakfast when we came. The place a bit small to accomodate a bigger crowd, so if we have planned this on a rush hour, probably a dinner would have been impossible without making reservations. The small space was an assurance that we will be served accordingly and promptly, and with that the staff of Malcolm's did a good job. Time to check our plates.

Delectable Dish

Malcolm's Bacon Cheeseburger - My boss Harold ordered this one, says It's definitely not a "man- burger". Kinda dry but tasty you have the saltiness of the meat in sweet tangy taste of the veggies.

Roast Beef Sandwich - Marla tried this one, it looks very appetizing though. Says "I like the taste of their Kitayama Wagyu Beef," surely that's what most patrons came to Malcolm's for

Pesto Penne with Grilled Chicken - Myka ate this one, and it seemed like there were a lot of Pesto on it. It smells aromatic but as it is with Pesto, it is oily. The grilled chicken was perfect.

All Day Breakfast

Entree - Malcolm's Beef Steak - Jemima had a short answer for this one "Okay naman yung steak!!! Ahhhhh tender  and flavorfull yung Wagyu Beef."

My Plate, Malcolm's Macaroni Salad. Ordered this one so I can go light, I have a scheduled luncheon after this. I find this one underwhelming for my taste, it was to be expected since it is Macaroni.

I ordered fresh orang juice right off the menu, closing my eyes for its price of Php 180.00 didn't realise that it would be a squeeze from a fresh Orange. Sad to say that the Orange wasn't so ripe that the juice came out sour.

Indulgent Drinks

These wines and spirits are on display on the counter and practically all over the store. Makes you think of Taverns and bars where fun can spark at any time.

I was late so I didn't get to check the plates of my other team mates who were already grinning with full tummy when I arrived. We were rowdy then, we sure rouse the dourly atmosphere of the store before we came. It was sure a nice place to spend sometime, chit chat while munching on Wagyu Burgers perhaps.

Team Gwapo from L-R: Butch, MC, Marla, Maricor, TM Harold, Mia, Ace, Jemima, Myka, Xave and Jasmin. Not present in the photo is me who took it. 

On The Map

Malcolm's Deli
Address: G/F FairwaysTower, 
5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Phone Number: 556-3186

BusinessHours: 7am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Facebook: Malcolm's Burger Official
Twitter: @malcolmsburger

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