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Pangasinan | Sunset Photos From Patar Beach, Bolinao

PANGASINAN | Sunset Photos From Patar Beach, Bolinao
Bolinao Pangasinan Golden Hour

It has been an amazing trip, first time to be in the Province of Pangasinan. Of clear skies and endless coastal areas, at the end every eventful day I was here, I was left tired and seeking for the cold caress of a beer and a warm bed. So yet again, like any other beaches or places I've photographed during Sunset, this was yet another Sunset photo of a one lazy afternoon by the beach.

My attempts at long exposures, this was the last vestige of dusk. It was already too dark that finding a distant light in the horizon is difficult for the camera. I got this one shot, and my camera wouldn't release another if I don't punch up the ISO levels.

I'm happy with it as it turns out, though I would have wanted the water foreground to look misty, the water was just not that violent to capture in slow movements. The distant stars as it sparks in the night sky is visible, I tend to forget that Pangasinan could have the clearest skies that it’s even possible to photograph the Milky Way galaxy.

The Patar beach though some refer to it as a white sand beach is actually golden. Laden with rocky shallows and a scattering of corals, one needs to tread carefully because there’s a lot of Sea Urchin with deadly spikes. It was the sweet month of November, my birth month, perfect timing as I came about here after everyone else is done with their Halloween fiestas. I had the long stretch of the beach to myself. The waves are restless, with not much subject and the waters as a foreground. I waited for the Sunset to make this place more interesting to photograph, and these are but a few of the frames I manage to capture while I'm was still sober.

Making use of a drift wood and the cloud formation that is blocking the sun. The passing dog was just pure luck as he waltzes in the frame. Capturing its silhouette was just then waiting for the right moment to come by.

At a loss in finding a subject along the beach, this nice cloud formation cloaking the sun behind it came to my rescue.

And well, I took a closer look at the drift wood.

One of the challenges of photographing Sunset is placing equal exposure from the bright sky to the shadows. The light is cast in almost horizontal angle that it hits the lenses, and provide long shadows on some interesting subjects. Without the built in flash, I wouldn't have been able to capture this drift wood in the beach. But as many photographers know, casting direct flash on a subject with source of light behind can render the photos flat.

The make shift cottages by the beach was a poor subject, but at least I could use it to frame the photo. 

This light bulb strapped into a small fish boat, interesting to have the sun light through it.

Like mirrors, the clouds can capture rays of Sunlight and reflect them.

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  1. Naks panalo talaga..10 years from now MATUTUTUNANA ko rin 'to. :)

    1. hihihi! Hi Arnie!
      You know, pictures like this, its really more like oh it looks nice,
      then point and shoot.

      You just have to be at the right place though.
      Tara lets travel more! :)

  2. Hello Sir!

    Salamat sa pag daan! :)


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