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Iloilo | Aerial Photos Of Panay Island

ILOILO | Aerial Photos Of Panay Island

When my Granddad passed away, I had to make immediate arrangements to fly home to be with my family in Mambusao Capiz. With all the many options for airlines offering affordable flights; Zest Air was the only one with cheapest offer at that time but that the flight is scheduled on a late afternoon. Then I was used to flying in broad daylight, so the trip was first time. Surprisingly Zest Air was very competent, there were only a few passengers on board and the cabin crews were all males instead of the common smiling female cabin crews. What's more unusual is that all throughout; the lights inside the cabin were turned off with only the headlights to be opened as an option. This draws the attention of all the few passengers to the cabin window facing the Sunset. I requested window seat luckily but that I didn't have my Camera then. Imagine having a vivid memory of particular moment in your life, and you only have words to describe, words that can fall on deaf ears if you have difficulty expressing yourself. So on that trip, a few years back, I only have but a selfie photo of myself in my arrival during the Golden Hour in Iloilo International Airport.

Shrouded in Clouds for the most part; here you can see the Tributaries and the sunlight hitting the ridges of the mountain peaks.

The glass of the Airplane windows are rendering the photos flat, I had to be careful with the exposure lest I can't capture the details.

Among the many Sunset shots I've featured here in this blog, this one was unforgettable, spectacular scattering of cloud formations, Aerial views of the Central Panay and its mountain ranges illuminated in the last rays of lights came to view. I was left speechless all throughout the flight and I promised to take this trip once again if I get the chance. You guys may not agree though, looking at these photos, they are as amateurish as every frame goes. But it is the 2nd time I flew to Iloilo in a late afternoon schedule.

The chance came, yes, but it wasn't the way I wanted. A few weeks ago, I was in a hurry once again to attend my Sister's wedding. I missed my earlier flight to Capiz because I was late to check in. So I rerouted my trip to Iloilo later that day, expecting to arrive just in time for Golden Hour in Iloilo International Airport. There was ITCZ in the air, so the sky is filled with Haze and unflattering grey clouds over Manila. But our arrival in the Skies of Panay Island was proved to be different, there I saw the same Mountain Range, the same beloved land mass I call as my homeland. Entering from the skies of Antique province where the mountains meet the sea, inland to Aklan and in a few minutes to Northern part of Iloilo. It didn't get old, only the blurry windows of the cabin.

I rarely process my photos to black and white because it looks unnatural, but looking closely at this one. I wanted to showcase the clouds peaks and the gently sloping edges of the Island. Unintentional, but B/W seems to have made the photo look dramatic.

Already on our initial approach to Iloilo International Airport, this photo is part of the Central Panay Island, a place of pristine forested area and stunning mountain ridges that's covering parts of almost all the provinces in Panay.

Bad weather obviously, but for a photographer it depends on how you see it. I intended to show the outlines of the ridges when the plane took a sharp side way dip.

Some rain clouds and grey cast over, Sunset lights giving a slanting ray over them.

Inland Panay where you can see the snaking tributary or fresh water river, this river is scattered all throughout the island, the water is fed by the mountains of Central Panay where rains can be torrential and unrelenting.

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